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The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
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Today is June 26th
Anno Societatis LII
(Being 2017 C.E.)

Welcome to the Central Regional webpage for the Kingdom of Ansteorra.
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The Kingdom of Ansteorra's Central Region consists of

The Barony of the Steppes
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The Barony of Elfsea
(Ft. Worth and Tarrant Co.)

Shire of Rosenfeld

Shire of Emerald Keep

The Canton of Dragonsfire Tor

The Barony of Bonwicke

The Canton Of Glaslyn

Society for What?

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA), is an international organization devoted to the study and re-creation of the arts, crafts, cultures and martial forms of the middle ages in western Europe. Founded in California in 1966, our thirtieth anniversary year saw us with over 50,000 members worldwide, from all walks of life, studying and re-creating aspects of pre-seventeenth century cultures all across Europe and even into Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Our members each take on a persona , that is, a character who could have lived prior to the seventeenth century, and learn about that culture, and how to make the clothing and possessions that persona would have owned. Our members learn about costuming, brewing & vinting, calligraphy & illumination, armor, leathercraft, poetry, music, heraldry, combat, and much more.

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