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The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
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Today is January 21st
Anno Societatis LI
(Being 2017 C.E.)

Central Region of Ansteorra
(All personal information is not accessable in the web media, for more information you must
subscribe to the printed media of the Kingdom of Ansteorra. If you are an officer and would like your information posted here please fill out the following f o r m and send it to the Kingdom Webminister)
Seneschal Seneschal
Elizabeth Seale
Herald Eclipse Herald
Gerold von Drachenhohle
Knight Marshal Knight Marshal
Cionaodh O'Hosey
A&S Minister
Magge MacPherson
A&S Minister
Knight Marshal Youth Marshal
Germanicus de Atlan
Lady Janie
Rapier Marshal Rapier Marshal
Rhiannon ferch Cian
Minister of Children
Celeste the Wanderer
Minister of Children
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal
Muirghein McKiernan
Archery Marshal Archery Marshal
Leofwine of Sumersaetum
Central Region
Officers Kingdom Of

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